lumi **

Lumi is an ongoing project for Illumina microarray data analysis, including the design of a software package in R/Bioconductor and the discussion of microarray experiment design.

** an open source project at the Bioinformatics Core of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, Northwestern University.


Batch download of the DMAPs

How does it work?

The utility retrieves the DMAP files automatically over the Internet from a file server at Illumina.

What is the benefit?

Avoid manually loading CDs to the drive and copying then one-by-one.

How long does it take?

About 30 seconds to minutes per chip.

What is the DMAP file?

DMAP is a decode file. It is unique for each array on each chip. Without the decode file, we can not figure out which bead corresponds to which gene.

What is the catch?

Illumina says they will keep the file at least 30 days after the chip is shipped.

Where can I download the utility?

How does the CD look like?


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